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    Back in 2000 when I started looking for work at home job opportunities, freelancing was just something that was available for computer programmers.  However, today more and more freelance opportunities are available for jobs involving social media management, blogging, email marketing, website design and virtual assisting.

    Before I started my own business and became a professional blogger and consultant, I worked at home doing all of these jobs.  In this post, I would like to share with you options that are available to you to start working in one of those positions.

    Job Bid Sites

    Job bid sites such as oDesk, Guru and Elance have hundreds and hundreds of listings for jobs just like these and more.  Many people are turned off by job

    bid sites because

    they see that some people are bidding for jobs as low as $3 per hour.  Please don’t let this discourage you.  I worked through oDesk for approximately 2 years.  And now I hire people from oDesk to help me out as virtual assistants and web developers.

    Often U.S. based employers would rather pay more for a U.S. based employee.  My advice is to bid what your going rate is and what you feel you are worth.  If you have the experience to back up that bid, then chances are pretty good that you will get an interview.

    You can also checkout oDesk Domination: How I Made $50,000 My First Year as a Freelance Writer on oDesk to learn how to use oDesk to really launch your freelancing career.


    Another option you can use to kickstart your freelance career is to attend networking events in your area.  Your local Chamber Commerce typically has daytime as well as evening networking events where you can mingle with other business owners in your area.  You can create business cards from sites such as VistaPrint.com and then start attending these events.

    With the rise in social media and especially blogging, small business owners are looking for independent contractors or other small businesses to maintain their Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter accounts as well as write their blog posts and update their websites.  The demand for this is increasing as technology is always changing making it difficult for small business owners to keep up with the technology.

    Contact Businesses Directly

    Don’t be afraid to send a potential business an email asking if they are looking for help in the area you are interested in.  In fact, I just recently hired a web designer/graphic designer who sent me an email asking if I was hiring.  It just so happened she caught me at a time where I was in immediate help.  So, look for businesses online that you could provide your services to and send them a personal email.

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