• Find Work at Home Jobs at ODesk

    ODesk is an online job bid site that is free to join.  Companies post work at home jobs and then job searchers bid on how much they will do the job for.  Job searchers can find jobs in employment areas such as :

    • Web Development
    • Writing
    • Customer Service
    • Software Development
    • Administrative Support
    • Sales and Marketing
    • Networking and Information Systems
    • Design and Multimedia
    • Business Services

    Upon signing up with ODesk, you’re required to upload a resume and then pass a ODesk Readiness test on the ODesk operations.  After completing the test, you’ll be shown which questions you got wrong.  User can then retake the test as many times as necessary to receive a passing score of 100%.  ODesk also offers several other tests which users can take to demonstrate their skill level in a variety of different applications.  Once you’ve passed the ODesk Readiness test, you’re ready to start bidding on jobs. 

    Depend upon several factors determines the number of bids each user has each week. When you start browsing through open jobs, you may notice that on some of the jobs the average bid is around $2 / hour.  Don’t be discouraged if you see this.  Not all of the jobs available in ODesk will have low average bids such as this.  Additionally, just because the average bid is low, doesn’t mean that the employer isn’t willing to pay a higher amount.  Be true to yourself and make sure you list all of your relevant skills when placing your bid.

    I know ODesk works and it works quickly.  I have only searched on ODesk twice within the last year and a half and both of those times I was offered a job within hours of submitting my bid.  I recommend using ODesk over using Elance or Guru.  At Elance you are competing with small companies bidding for jobs and at Guru the employers are looking to pay the least amount to get the job done.  Visit ODesk and give it try. 

    Does anyone else have any experience with ODesk?

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