• Book Review: A Work at Home Mom’s Ultimate Guide to Building a Business, Blog & Brand

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    Having trouble finding time to learn the basics, knowing what questions to ask your designer, and how to budget your dream career?

    As a mom, your time is valuable. That’s why we’ve written this book! Packed full of resources that mom entrepreneurs use daily including tricks of the trade, questions to ask your designer, how-to save money, and lots of DIY resources to get your started!

    This is a resource every MOM should own!

    Written by fellow work at home mom Lisa Marcia, this book compiles years of experience in the design and blogging industry & provides moms with the information they need to start their business, build their blog, and create a kick-butt brand!

    A Glimpse at What’s Covered:

    Building your Blog or Website

    // Learn the lingo of WordPress (plugins, pages, hosting, domain, posts, and more), harness the power of plugins, and find trusted vendors and quality themes.

    Designing for your Business

    // Learn how to choose a designer (I even provide a list of quality designers who are moms too!), how to communicate your needs to your designer, and more.

    Branding Basics for your business

    // Learn what your market is and how to position your brand for success.


    // Learn how to be more productive by delegating tasks.

    Income opportunities

    // Learn about active and passive income opportunities (no get-rich-quick schemes here!)


    This book is a great resource for those wanting build a business from home. It answers the ‘how-to’ of business building as well as creating a brand and blog set up. The author keeps it simple with explanations and examples.  The information is presented concisely and comprehensively and takes concepts that can be chaotic and overwhelming for many at home based business owners. The step-by-step video tutorial and links are extremely helpful as well the end of chapter reviews, Quick Tips, Warnings and general advice. I enjoyed the designer section with tips, quiz and links and appreciated her showing her readers how she communicated/set up the brand/design her for own business! This is a ‘must read’ for work at home moms to get a home based business,blog and brand under construction.

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